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We are proud to be an authorised Silver Learning partner with Microsoft and are an official course manufacturer and provider – we offer a wide range of online training courses that have been carefully developed to provide individuals and businesses with a learning experience that is both intuitive and rewarding.

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Why Study a Microsoft Course?

Microsoft is one of the largest names in IT, from the most popular OS in the world to some of the most widely used software in the Western world Microsoft is a name that is synonymous with IT. Microsoft software manages everything from Servers and Databases to simple office systems and with this broad spectrum of systems and products available from Microsoft it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve and keep yourself one step ahead of technological advancements, undergoing training within a specialist Microsoft field will ensure you future proof yourself and you are confident with the latest Microsoft systems.

An official Microsoft qualification, gained via an Official Microsoft Silver Learning Training partner, will stand you apart from the competition in an increasingly crowded job market and will ensure that employers recognise your talents within the IT industry. Increasing your marketable skillset and pushing for your own professional development will unlock doors and highlight that you are committed to becoming an expert within the IT sector and are actively becoming the best candidate that you can be.

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